Changing behavior
for a better future
with sustainable mobility


Why do we need a change in mobility behavior?

We provide knowledge and impulses to create awareness and motivation, to sensitize and activate target groups as well as decision makers.


How can mobility behavior change succeed?

We offer methods and best practices to enable stakeholders and institutions to use measures in a targeted and effective way.

A change of mobility behavior is necessary to solve problems in transport, reach climate protection goals and to improve quality of life.

In order to influence mobility behavior, people and their respective mobility challenges must first be understood. The CMC imparts targeted know how and offers impulses to create awareness and acceptance for the necessary change. With practical examples and methods, it supports various interest groups, decision-makers and institutions in developing suitable strategies, testing measures and implementing them in a targeted manner.

Our services include:

  • Consultation for communities, regions, associations and institutions
  • Partner agency to combine research and practice
  • Trainings & brochures to impart knowledge
  • Lectures & impulses to motivate to change behavior

Who we are

  • The CMC is a funded mobility laboratory that is committed to mobility behavior change and sustainable transformation of transport throughout Austria. It focuses primarily on knowledge building, knowledge transfer, consulting and networking in the thematic fields of mobility behavior change, digitalization and tourism.

    In the Austrian mobility laboratories, innovative mobility and transport solutions can be researched, tested, and implemented by science and companies together with politics, administration, chambers and associations as well as with citizens.

  • The CMC is lead-managed by the Department of Intelligent Transportation Systems at the University of Innsbruck. Partners are the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Herry Consult GmbH, Prof. em. Jens S. Dangschat and Quintessenz.

    They are deeply involved in research activities for sustainable mobility and well connected in the field.

  • The CMC is part of the “Mobility Laboratories” that were set up in Austria as part of the program “Mobility of the Future (MdZ)”. The program was initiated by the former Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (bmvit) – which today is the BMK. The CMC functions as “Mobility Transformation Lab” and acts as think tank, exchange hub, and also as a catalyst of mobility behavior change in Austria. To this end, the CMC cooperates closely with the Urban Mobility Labs and the Policy Lab.